Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fidget Spinner

Hello, a couple weeks ago Te Ngahere were writing persuasive story on  fidget spinner. The writing was about should we have fidget spinner at school and in the classroom. I wrote two sides I wrote we should be able to have them at school but not in class time, I was learning to use the correct persuasive structure. We also had a follow up activity for our fidget spinner writing. We were drawing and designing our own fidget spinner. We were learn to use crayon and dye while filling all the gaps. I enjoyed the art and I don’t like art in class so it was good I enjoyed it.   


  1. Hi Sam
    I am Sylis from Panmure Bridge School. What you were doing sounds cool. Our school have allowed fidget spinners at school but not at class time.

    From Sylis

  2. Hi Sam.
    I like your fidget spinner blog post. Your fidget spinner was cool and colourful. You could of put you holding up your fidget spinner instead of that one. Do you have a fidget spinner? oh wait you do.Keep up the good work. bye SAM