Thursday, April 13, 2017



Once upon a time there was a small cold soccer game on a Saturday morning.
There were parents in there big fluffy jackets getting their kids up early and ready for their soccer game. There was an angry big couch called Scotty. He was so hard on his team and he would never ever smile. He was as hard as a rock. He was very hard on his son Jacob. Jacob was the water boy.
Jacob just had to watch the game and sit on the sideline. His dad Scotty would never let him on to play. Scotty thought that he was too slow and weak.
A couple moments later one of Scotty’s best players was tripped over and could not run. Scotty didn’t know what to do because he had no subs and his best player couldn’t even run.

Scotty look over to his son and his son was begging on his knees to play and Scotty had no choice if he didn’t put Jacob on his team would be one person down.
There was ten seconds left and it was one all. Then the opposite team kicked the ball right to the goal...

Then Jacob ran up and kicked the ball and it went flying back into the other goal. Scotty was so proud of his son and Scotty’s tears came out and Jacob said to his dad, “Dad are you crying?”
Scotty said,
“No son I just have some grass in my eye.”
Jacob was on the field more and they lived happily ever after.

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